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Pick-up and deliver with optimal supply chain visibility, improbable speed, and maximum precision

As the delivery economy continues up its exponential path, we are moving from delivery prominence to delivery dominance, with the entire landscape evolving and advancing on a daily basis. You need to keep pace, lest you be left behind.

Integrating seamlessly with your company’s current shipping infrastructure and boasting cutting edge AI capabilities, Applicat will keep you ahead of the pack. Offering granular visibility, real-world routing-optimization that incorporates information from your field team, comprehensive alerts and reporting to drive performance, and much more, Applicat ensures parcels are delivered on time, the first time, providing your customers with unmatched experiences.

Optimal supply chain visibility

Applicat platform spotlight

First mile

First Mile

Every mile is key to a CEP business. Instead of caging you in, Applicat’s first mile let’s you see, track, and manage every parcel, cage, and route, from start to doorstep.

Courier mobile app

Driver Mobile App

From planning and navigation to performance monitoring and enhancement, give the lifeblood of your operations, your drivers, the means to excel.

Customer experience

Customer Experience

Put your customers in the driver seat, turning the worrisome wait for a package to arrive into an experience they’ll want to repeat again and again.

Delivering value to those who deliver

Faster delivery speed Accelerate without compromise, do more, provide perfect experiences!

Precision Optimize your delivery to meet the tightest time windows.

First attempt delivery Delight your customers and yourself with uncanny doorstep accuracy.

Capacity Scale with ease and get the most out of what you have.

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