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Applicat’s last mile, where it all comes together in perfect harmony.

Is your last mile a house of cards?

The culmination of all of your efforts, the last mile represents your greatest opportunity to earn your customer’s loyalty and capitalize on the near exponential growth in delivery. However, even a small bump in execution can cause it to unravel.

Parcels not delivered on the first-attempt, a lack of flexibility when encountering new circumstances, not seeing the entire picture, etc. – any and all of these can cause your last mile to crumble, at great expense to you and your business. Today’s massive delivery volumes only serve to compound the risk and costs.

Last mile challenges

Turning your last mile
into a house of gold

Instead of stressing under the increased workload, Applicat gives you the power to scale up with ease and profit from each and every delivery. With truly optimal routes provided by Right-First-Time AI, high-level AND detailed visibility of your entire delivery ecosystem and immediate access to data and invaluable insights, you’ll be miles ahead of the market.

Last mile Right-First-Time AI

Marvelous. Outstanding.
Phenomenal. Applicatic!

There’s no single “ic” adjective that can adequately describe everything our last mile delivery platform has to offer, so we coined the term Applicatic.

Last mile delivery platform

Applicatic /Ap lik ˈatik/, adjective:

  • Holistic: From first to last mile, and parcel to entire supply chain, Applicat has it all.
  • Simplistic: Intuitive, user friendly, accessible, explainable, transparent, etc.
  • Elastic: “As it happens” analyses and data allow for maximum flexibility.
  • Economic: Doesn’t waste a single resource and makes sure you don’t either.
  • Futuristic: Best of breed technologies combined with bleeding edge AI and up-to-the-minute field intelligence.
  • Fantastic: What our customers have to say about Applicat.

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