Applicat for Healthcare

The peace of mind that you will always have what you need to provide the care they need.

Transparent, traceable, and timely delivery

As with everything in healthcare, there is no “margin of error” in managing your medical supply. With Applicat, the Mayo Clinic of delivery logistics, you can rest assured that your service will never be disrupted because of missing or incorrect supplies.

Unmatched supply chain visibility and system configurability ensure accurate chain of custody tracking and regulatory compliance. Our best-in-class driver app and back-end operations empower your logistics team to perform at their peak. And as a whole, the Applicat platform lets you stay focused on providing the quality care your community has come to expect.

Healthcare delivery

Applicat platform spotlight

Granular activity

Granular Visibility

Ensure compliance, detailed audit trails and timely delivery by tracking and tracing every step, gram, and byte of your medical supplies’ journey.

Driver mobile app

Driver Mobile App

You depend on your drivers, and so do your patients. Applicat gives them everything they need to do their job at the level you need them to be.

Routing optimization

Routing optimization

By default, medical supply is diverse and can be chaotic. No matter how many sources, Applicat routes your supplies for unfailing first-time delivery.

Healthy logistics for healthy operations for healthy patients

Customer Experience Include them, reduce anxiety,
exceed their expectations.

First attempt delivery Delight your customers and yourself with uncanny doorstep accuracy.

Punctuality Deliver on time, every time,
all the time.

Respond in real time Cancellations, driver absences, lost packages… react on a dime.

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