Right-First-Time Delivery, Every Delivery Round

Deliver multiple-times every day with the same precision and efficiency as a single-round.

The short, slippery delivery path from unpredictable demand to unreliable service

  • Green & Co grocers refreshes its produce section every morning and afternoon.
  • JoAnn’s inventory-free auto shop often requires parts on extremely short notice.
  • When busy, Sam’s bakery needs flour and other supplies up to 3 times a day.
  • A critical part in Precision Ball Bearing’s CNC machine needs replacement by 17:00.

Instant gratification and super-convenience. Increased automation and just-in-time production. Ultra-competitive markets and strict SLAs. All of these and more, mean that a fast-growing number of businesses depend on short-order deliveries multiple times a day. Delivery operators are happy to comply, but their systems aren’t always up to the task…

Multi-dimensional, multi-functional,
multi-layered, multi-profitable

When your customers need their goods now.

When your delivery is mission-critical to your customer’s operations.

When you your delivery task volume has become immense.

When your customers call-for on-demand delivery, Applicat responds, letting you deliver multiple-times every day with the same precision, efficiency, and speed as a single-round of delivery.

Multi daily delivery rounds truck

Dynamic and adaptable

Whether it be one driver or multiple drivers, and whatever delivery method you use, Applicat adjusts to new requirements as they come in and keeps your team fully up-to-date.

Every round optimized

No matter the complexity or the number or rounds, Applicat’s Right-First-Time AI makes sure you deliver as efficiently and effectively as possible on your first attempt.

See and satisfy

Watch, and let your customers watch, as each parcel moves towards its destination, pivot to avoid delays, and add rounds when needed, affording an unrivaled customer experience.

Cross-industry, round the world

Grocery & Bakeries
Give your customers the freshness and quality they have come to expect.

Restaurants & Same Day Delivery
Track and manage your team as they deliver each round of goods and food.

Always have access to the parts you need when you need them.

Manufacturing & Heavy Machinery
Never face downtime or miss out on revenue opportunities.

Cross-indestry delivery operations

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