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Field-Wisdom Routing Optimization

Discover the key to effective routing

Hormiga’s Field-Wisdom Routing Optimization technology leverages decisions made by your entire field workforce to generate optimized routes, thereby reducing operational costs and delivering maximum productivity, every single day.

To generate optimal routes, Hormiga aggregates the routes executed in each area and combines them with “nuggets of wisdom” - pieces of data containing the varied field constraints used by workers when arranging route sequences. The calculated routes are far more optimized than those generated by the most intricate algorithms.

Retaining years of accrued field knowledge, Hormiga replicates decision patterns that help formulate best practices and save training resources, increasing the efficiency of the entire organization.

The wisdom of crowds

Hormiga’s field-wisdom optimization is based on the notion that decisions made and knowledge accumulated by the entire workforce contain valuable information that should be retained and utilized to yield maximum efficiency and optimal results.

The underlying theory behind Hormiga’s innovative approach to field-wisdom optimization is the wisdom of crowds, by which the aggregate answers of a large group to questions involving measurable issues, are more on target than the answers given by any individual within the group, or even an expert.

A few workers per area

Companies that provide service to predefined geographic zones with many workers assigned to each zone, are faced with the daily challenge: whom to assign which workorder (WO)? In such companies, standard scheduling optimization could provide a suitable solution.

However, the majority of organizations worldwide assign only a few workers to each geographic zone, and for them the challenge is different: How to provide each employee with the optimal WO sequence, given field constraints that no algorithm can calculate, such as where to park or if a certain client isn’t usually available during specific hours. For these companies, a standard scheduling optimization solution cannot solve the problem, and could even result in negative ROI. Hormiga’s field-wisdom routing optimization technology ensures the highest ROI, uniquely suitable for these service organizations.