Enabling Impeccable Customer Experiences

Mile after technological mile, our customers rely on Applicat to provide outstanding experiences to their customers

Give your customers the delivery experience they deserve

Perfect every delivery encounter with your own customers and relieve them of any anxiety regarding the fate of their package. Applicat lets you see into each delivery mission from all directions, provides a wide-angle view of your last mile, and opens a panoramic window for recipients on their package’s journey, giving them a sense as if you’re working just for them.

Great delivery experience
Great delivery experience
Delivery transparancy

Delivery transparency, the source of customer serenity

The moment a package is shipped is the moment the intended recipient begins to think about its successful delivery. To make sure anticipation doesn’t turn into anxiety, Applicat notifications, including current package location, ETA, and more, let you keep your customers up to date about every step of their package’s voyage.

Delivery transparancy

As with everything, change is the only constant in the delivery process

Life will be life, and that’s OK. Customers will often need to make last minute updates to how their delivery will be made, or they might simply decide that they prefer to pick their package up themselves from a locker or corner store. Whatever it may be, giving them the option to make such changes, a built-in feature of Applicat, will gain you both short and long-term credit with you customers.

Customer changing options mobile  screen
Customer store pickup selection screen

More responsive, more efficient

Giving customers the flexibility to make changes is only half the equation. Shining where many others falter, Applicat backs this up by immediately conveying these updates to all relevant parties. This allows you, as an organization, to take immediate action, maintain operational agility, and avoid costly last-mile delivery errors, such as mistimed or misplaced deliveries, inefficient routing, and much more.

Customer store pickup selection screen
Customer delivery tracking and feedback screens

Straight from the client’s mouth

Of course, the only way to really know the quality of your customer experience is to hear about it directly from the source. Rounding off the Applicat customer experience module is a robust, customizable framework for collecting, analyzing, and assessing customer ratings. Decide what you would like your customers to rate, collect their feedback, and uncover strengths, weaknesses, trends and driver performance.

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