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Accelerate into and beyond the digital age of grocery shopping.

Fast, fresh, and always first!

With Amazon, Walmart, Safeway, and many others moving into the space, and fueled by COVID 19, grocery home delivery is coming of age. Consequently, last mile logistics in the industry have expanded from the supply chain to the customer side of the business.

Applicat’s fully-featured delivery operations platform, sporting, amongst others, our Right-Time-AI for real-world routing optimization, support for multiple daily delivery rounds, and integrated parcel tracking, lets you grow with the market while providing an outstanding customer experience.

Grocery delivery operations

Applicat platform spotlight

Routing optimization

Routing optimization

In grocery delivery, dispersed, irregular drop-off locations are the name of the game. Applicat’s AI enhanced routing optimization is your ace in the hole.

Customer expeience

Customer Experience

Dispel “my groceries will spoil” anxiety by keeping your customers fully informed of where their delivery is and when they can expect it.



Successful grocery delivery is contingent upon freshness and speed. Applicat optimizes multiple delivery rounds as effectively as a single round.

Perfecting delivery so you can focus
on your grocery business

Capacity Scale with ease and get the most out of what you have.

Decrease operational costs Spend less by improving efficiency across the board.

Precision Optimize your delivery to meet the tightest time windows.

Faster delivery speed Accelerate without compromise, do more, provide perfect experiences!

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